10 socialite anime characters who love to travel


The travels of the cartoon characters take them to their respective worlds and introduce them to their friends and foes. No matter the distance, the journey makes the protagonists stronger by bringing them experience. While travel isn’t always easy, there are many lessons that characters learn as they leave the comfort of their hometowns. In some cases, traveling is even necessary to defeat the villains who threaten the world itself.

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There are some anime characters who enjoy traveling enough to base their lives around it. Despite the dangers of travel, these characters like to find themselves in unfamiliar and risky situations. When guided by personal motivations, avid travelers are constantly on the move.

ten Ging Freecss chose to travel for his son

As a Ruin Hunter, Ging Freecss from Hunter x hunter specializes in the research, discovery and restoration of ancient ruins. Ging’s profession allows him to obtain the necessary resources to pursue his constant worldly ambitions. His dedication to travel proved strong enough that he chose his Hunter lifestyle over raising his son Gon.

Ging willingly devotes years of his time to accessing restricted areas and has spent years acquiring the skills necessary to explore the Dark Continent. His efforts around the world rank him among the association’s most accomplished hunters. Exploration remains his greatest motivation.

9 Shirase Kobuchizawa works to travel to Antarctica

Shirase Kobuchizawa in Antarctica A place beyond the universe

Shirase Kobuchizawa from A place beyond the universe wishes to visit Antarctica after the tragic disappearance of his mother during an expedition to Antarctica. Despite the ridiculousness of her acquaintances, Shirase refuses to give up her goal and works tirelessly to earn enough money to achieve it. Due to his interest in the continent, Shirase demonstrates a great knowledge of the ecology of Antarctica.

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After being recruited as a journalist for a crew bound for Antarctica, Shirase endures seasickness, severe cold and the drudgery of ship life without losing her resolve. Shirase willingly travels to the most remote parts of the world in honor of his adventurous mother.

8 Luffy’s pirate life takes him all over the world

One Piece Pirate Hero Luffy Shounen Monkey

Luffy’s A play Command a loyal pirate crew in their pursuit of the treasure of the former Pirate King. Luffy and his allies sail around the world to engage rival pirate groups and recruit new members. He admires the freedom offered by marine life and makes decisions based on personal rules.

Luffy becomes a captain and an experienced traveler who successfully navigates himself and his crew in many situations. His interactions with pirates gradually earned him allies in different regions who offered free emergency assistance. Since pirates are always on the move, Luffy never really stops traveling.

7 Riko doesn’t let the possibility of death stop her explorations

Riko from Made in the abyss descends from a legendary treasure hunter and strives to explore the multi-layered depths of the abyss. Rather than traveling the world, Riko wishes to travel far underground to the deepest regions of the abyss, like her mother before her. Although each layer of the Abyss becomes more and more deadly, Riko’s resolve never falters in the face of danger.

Riko endures immense pain to progress deeper into the abyss, such as unconsciousness, near-fatal injuries, and poison. Her curiosity for underground secrets prevents her near-death experiences from intimidating her into staying on the surface. Riko continues to explore regardless of the consequences.

6 Ash Ketchum travels through many regions

Ash Ketchum’s Pokemon travel the regions of the world to become a Pokémon master. Ash lives a life on the road and travels to discover new species of Pokémon and new trainers to fight. His adventures between gym battles introduce him to friends around the world and bring him into conflict with Team Rocket.

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Throughout his adventures, Ash encounters legendary Pokémon that few trainers have the chance to witness. With the help of friends he makes along the way, Ash prevents multiple crises from plaguing the world and helps keep the peace between Pokémon and humans.

5 Ginko constantly travels to study Mushi

Ginko’s Mushishi travels the world to search for the ethereal creatures known as Mushi and solve situations involving Mushi and people. Ginko continually travels from place to place for his investigations into Mushi and only stays in an area while he is doing his business. His profession often takes him to remote areas that receive little human contact.

In addition to her case work, Ginko enjoys discovering new species of Mushi that reside in all kinds of natural habitats. Although some species of Mushi threaten his life, Ginko never misses the opportunity to study them closely and resume his travels.

4 Kino lives to observe the cultures of the world

Kino rides Hermès

Kino from Kino’s journey use a talking motorcycle to travel to different countries and experience the different cultures of the world. Kino observes the lives of the people she meets and refuses to interfere in the way the world works. She enjoys traveling so much that she limits her stay in each city to avoid becoming attached to one place.

Kino moves enough from place to place that she has several combat and survival skills that keep her safe on the move. While engaged in her adventures, Kino shows a willingness to attack anyone who prevents her from exploring every unique country.

3 Kraft Lawrence makes a living as a traveling merchant

Kraft Lawrence from Spice and Wolf

Kraft Lawrence by spice and wolf lives like a traveling merchant who travels between cities to master his craft. During a routine stop, he meets the wolf deity Holo who convinces him to let her accompany him on his travels. After meeting, Kraft heads north to bring Holo back to his homeland. Kraft’s experience as a solo trader has earned him clients from a variety of fields.

Kraft aims to raise enough money to open a permanent store and willingly travels constantly to support its goal. Due to his apprenticeship as a child, Kraft shows great skill in conducting business on the road.

2 Nozomi Moritomo travels across Japan to resolve political disputes

Rolling Girls Nozomi Moritomo on a Motorcycle

Nozomi Moritomo from Rolling Girls travels through a dystopian Japanese society where gangs led by overpowered individuals control every region. After Nozomi’s friend Masami, who runs one of these gangs, is seriously injured, Nozomi decides to take over Masami’s responsibilities to protect the region from neighboring territories. Nozomi travels across Japan to complete the tasks that other people demand from her post.

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While riding her motorbike, Nozomi forms a group of girls who help her resolve political conflicts and find magical jewelry that gives their wearers considerable power. Although Nozomi accepts the job out of the blue, she embarks on her travels with dedication.

1 Elizabeth Liones travels to recruit legendary knights

Anime Ellizabeth Liones Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones from The seven deadly sins journeys to recruit the legendary knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins to defeat the holy knights who overthrew his kingdom. Elizabeth braves travel through dangerous terrain despite few clues about the location of the Seven Deadly Sins. She doesn’t get discouraged by the infamous reputation of the Seven Deadly Sins and only thinks about helping her kingdom.

While finding and traveling with sins, Elizabeth stands up to her former allies among the holy knights and helps sins in any way she can. Elizabeth visits hidden and mysterious places every step of the way.

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