Altair and LG Electronics Collaborate to Accelerate Digital Transformation with AI-Based Simulation for Product Development

In addition, the two companies plan to create a more advanced digital transformation development environment by integrating LG’s product development technology with Altair’s simulation and artificial intelligence technology. Together, the companies will cooperate on the development of the CAE/automation platform and digital twin technology, which LG uses to develop products.

“Altair has advanced simulation, high-performance computing and data analytics technology to help manufacturing companies develop products quickly and efficiently,” said sam mahalingam, Chief Technology Officer, Altair. “Through this cooperation with LG, we will develop a powerful and reliable technology base that will enhance LG’s competitiveness.”

By creating a digital development environment using AI-based simulation technology, it is possible to minimize the need for physical testing during the product development phase and reflect feedback gathered from data analysis and optimization technology. These forces combine and interact to accelerate the development process and shorten time to market.

“Through our collaboration with Altair, we look forward to advancing digital transformation technology, which is a growth engine for smart product development, and creating an environment that accelerates product development,” said SeungKey Lee. , Vice President, LG Electronics Production Engineering and Research Institute. (PRI) Center for Manufacturing Innovation.

About Altair
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