Consulting service to understand labor market systems in Gaza – Occupied Palestinian Territory

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental humanitarian organization experienced in creating a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced people. NRC defends the rights of displaced populations and offers assistance in the areas of shelter, food security, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Scope and purpose

Primary objective

The need to better understand the labor market systems in Gaza and to identify sustainable and decent work opportunities for the population is not new. In fact, a lot of work already exists in Gaza’s labor markets, and many actors are already engaged in livelihood programs in the region. But the NRC believes there may be untapped potential or new avenues to provide economic opportunities and is seeking advice on whether NRC Palestine is best placed to take advantage of these opportunities and how it can best do so. effectively possible.

The mission of this consulting firm has three main objectives:

  1. There is a need to establish the relevance and feasibility for the NRC to develop livelihood interventions in Gaza that would lead to sustainable and decent work opportunities for its target population. In particular, NRC Palestine would like to understand what complementarity and added value it can have in the area of ​​livelihoods compared to other organizations.
  2. Identify specific market sectors and systems likely to increase self-employment and/or salaried employment opportunities for NRC target populations in Gaza, taking into account how context-specific constraints in terms of mobility of goods and people affect the economic dynamism of several traditional sectors.
  3. Conduct in-depth analyzes in a selected number (as agreed with the Head of NRC Programmes) of labor and employment specific constraints and opportunities market systems, to develop recommendations on livelihood strategies, ideas for possible intervention and indications of possible partnership models with the main players in the market.

Expected results

The work of the consultant(s) should primarily help NRC Palestine develop a strategic direction for potential livelihoods programming in Gaza and decide whether or not to engage in it. This includes identifying market opportunities and recommendations for which NRC interventions would focus on which sectors and markets.

A secondary objective of the assignment is for the consultant(s) to contribute to ongoing efforts to further strengthen the technical capacity of the NRC program and support the teams in Gaza in conducting market analysis with a systems lens. The consultant is therefore expected to work collaboratively with the team, engaging them throughout the process to draw on their experience, and to discuss with them the development of the methodology and tools as well as the interpretation of the results. and making recommendations.

The work of the consultant(s) will also assist NRC Palestine in identifying potential partners or potential areas of collaboration with other actors, including the private sector and/or the public sector. This will be done through mapping existing and upcoming related interventions in the region, as well as identifying key stakeholders who could help overcome some of the identified barriers to engagement in labor markets. The consultant will help establish initial relationships with some of the identified key stakeholders and NRC team members.

A particular area of ​​interest for the NRC in understanding the dynamic labor markets for its target population in Gaza is to explore the sustainable and decent work opportunities for youth that arise with the growing digital transformation in the region. Without restricting the analysis framework to these aspects, the consultant(s) are expected to explore at least the following dimensions:

  1. current opportunities for diverse populations, with particular attention to young people
  2. current opportunities for diverse populations in Gaza to participate in the gig economy
  3. current and future home business marketing opportunities for goods and services to be developed through the use of digital tools

Work and recommendations should be aligned with existing NRC Palestine programming priorities and principles and in particular explore possible linkages with other existing NRC programs in Gaza.

How to register

Mode of submission:

Please submit your quotation in accordance with the requirements detailed below via email to: [email protected]

The deadline for submitting quotes is September 5 at 2 p.m. Jerusalem time quickly. Firms/consultants who have not submitted their offer within this deadline will not be considered.

If necessary, clarifications should be received by NRC in writing to [email protected] until August 29, 2022

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