Crypto Oasis to Host Three Web3-Related Sessions at Dubai Metaverse Assembly

Crypto Oasis will host three sessions at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, taking place September 28-29, 2022 at the Museum of the Future.

The Dubai Metaverse Assembly is expected to bring together regional and international experts in Dubai to shape the future of the Metaverse.

The first session with Meta Decrypt will be a discussion titled: Design Thinking – The Digital Economy in the Metaverse. This will be a rich and engaging discussion on creating a more participatory economy and will also discuss a wide range of use cases for the metaverse, from strategy to execution. Especially since a fully realized metaverse is expected to not just be a part of the digital economy, but to be its own quasi-independent economy, which could end up reweaving the fabric of the world. digital.

The second session will be a roundtable on venture capital in the metaverse. The participants will be the following:
• Valerie Hawley – True Global Businesses
• Jawad Ashraf – Virtua
• Domenik Maier – iBloxx
• Saqr Ereiqat – Cryptographic Oasis

The metaverse is a venture capitalist’s dream. The metaverse represents a real opportunity for innovation and significant returns for startups. VCs around the world recognize that it has the potential to be a multi-trillion dollar market. With advancements in bandwidth, chips, software, and new (hardware) platforms, the adoption of the metaverse is expected to increase, which is why there is an abundance of capital in this space.

The final session will be a thought leadership talk by Crypto Oasis co-founder Saqr Ereiqat titled: Web2 is Silicon Valley, Web3 is Crypto Oasis. Speaking about the Crypto Oasis event and sessions, Ereiqat said, “The Dubai Metaverse Assembly is another step towards transforming the UAE into the premier digital economy. The “Digital Economy Strategy” aims to double the contribution of the digital economy to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the UAE from 9.7% in April 2022 to 20% by 2031. It also aims to strengthen the UAE’s position as a hub for the digital economy in the region and globally, as we are already witnessing and supporting an influx of intellectual resources into the UAE.

“We believe that an ecosystem consists of talent, capital and infrastructure, with the UAE bringing these 3 together, so we coined the MENA region as Crypto Oasis. During the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, we are proud to organize 3 sessions to educate, inspire and contribute. Today, Crypto Oasis, with the United Arab Emirates at its heart, is pushing the boundaries of the Web3 space. While Web 2 was primarily based in Silicon Valley, events like the Dubai Metaverse Assembly and others will ensure that Web 3 is the crypto oasis.

The assembly of the Metaverse will cement Dubai’s position as the world capital of the Metaverse as it seeks to leverage Dubai’s digital infrastructure and support global transformations and disruptions. The flagship event will explore the digital economy and identify opportunities to help startups, entrepreneurs, communities, investors and governments unlock the limitless potential of the metaverse to create a bolder future. Crypto Oasis is thrilled to be part of this first-of-its-kind event that will see the world’s leading metaverse experts converge in Dubai.

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