FundPark provides cross-border traders Suiyiyong – a cost-effective funding solution to facilitate cross-border trade transactions

Shenzhen, China, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About October 12, 2022 (beijing time), FundPark Limited (“FundPark”), from Asia A leading provider of e-commerce financing technology and liquidity solutions, and LianLian Global have entered into an exclusive agreement to launch a new financing solution known as “Suiyiyong” targeting cross-border e-commerce merchants. This solution is the first of its kind on the market to offer a purely digital and online experience to merchants. Cross-border e-commerce merchants can access funding provided by FundPark through the LianLian Global portal in an easy, transparent and efficient manner.

Simply put, Suiyiyong is designed and focused to help merchants conduct cross-border business and meet their financing and financing needs. With Suiyiyong, merchants could settle various expenses including logistics, sourcing, advertising, celebrity promotion as well as popularity rating directly through LianLian Global. Unlike traditional loans, Suiyiyong is unique and innovative in that it has integrated the cross-border finance service into the daily business and operations of cross-border traders. It is no longer a conventional loan, but rather aims to solve the cash flow problem based on the distinct liquidity feature to enable cross-border traders to have better access to working capital and increase their sales volume and revenue.

Merchants can apply for a credit line of up to $100,000 under Suiyiyong as long as they maintain LianLian Global’s account as required and regularly use the payment collection service provided by LianLian Global. Suiyiyong can improve cross-bor cash flowthe merchands. In case merchants have larger financing and financing needs, FundPark also offers merchants another financing solution known as Wairongbao which offers a credit limit of up to 10 USD. million. To date, FundPark has served nearly 10,000 customers with gross merchandise volume (GMV) exceeding US$6 billion in total, and provided them with funding for an amount of approximately 1 billion US dollars.

Suiyiyong has several innovative features, including:

  • A purely digital and online experience

  • No restrictions on which e-commerce platforms merchants operate on

  • Online application in 2 steps

  • Support for payment of fees as well as cash withdrawal

To celebrate the launch of Suiyiyong, FundPark is injecting an initial amount of $5 million for funds available to Suiyiyong customers and offering a 45-day interest-free period. Such an attractive offer demonstrates the importance and confidence that FundPark places in Suiyiyong, especially nowadays, the US Federal Reserve continues to raise the interest rate and the US Dollar remains strong after hitting multiple highs. For more details on the terms and conditions of the offer or for any enquiries, please contact our customer service representative or visit our corporate website at or .

Warning: You must repay your loans. Do not pay any intermediary. Customer Service/Complaints Hotline: +852 3460 2871, Money Lender License Number: 2010/2021

SOURCE FundPark Limited

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