Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Announces Letter of Intent to License Revolutionary Patented Wind Turbine Technology


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Temecula, Calif., May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC MARKETS: “GWSO”), a global developer of technologies that help mitigate global warming and its effects on the planet announces an ACT to exclusive worldwide license rights to revolutionary technology in the wind turbine industry. This patented wind turbine technology represents a new generation of wind turbines that increase the efficiency of natural wind-driven electrical power generation at unprecedented low wind speeds. Wind power is an extremely popular and renewable energy source that is also sustainable. It has a much lower impact on the environment compared to burning fossil fuels. “When these patented turbines are exposed to oncoming wind, they generate lift force at extremely low wind speeds. It uses the changes in temperature and density to generate an equivocal force everywhere. There is no disturbance to the air flow which avoids turbulence and allows a series of turbines to feed each other, in a somewhat perpetual motion machine. Wind is one of the most abundant forms of energy on earth, but not the most widely used. I have spent 20 years researching how to generate almost free energy from wind anywhere. I developed a whole new revolutionary power generation turbine for the wings. I am glad that GWSO chose my patented wind turbine to help the world with very inexpensive wind power generation, ”said inventor Mr. Yuri Abramov, Ph.D.

This wind power invention is distinguished by its unique ability to generate power literally anywhere with only a slight wind required. The system generates an artificial tornado that can power multiple turbines and generate endless energy. It has many advantages over any current technology as it is site independent and will work anywhere. It needs minimum wind speed to operate. It requires exceptionally low maintenance and is also easy to maintain. Even untrained personnel can install and operate the machines. It can evolve into a 1 + MegaWatt / H power plant on the ground or be placed on rooftops. Its energy cost is also revolutionary insofar as it is less than 1 cent / kWh.

Scientist and inventor Dr. Abramov is a world-renowned physicist, mathematician, algorithm developer and engineer in the field of applied physics. He developed a system for the application of statistical multiplexing algorithms for video coding, digital signal processing modeling and design, software development and modeling for the use of wind power and devices for clean water. Yuri has developed more than 20 inventions which are filed as patents including “Signal Processing Method Using the SAW Velocity Dispersion Effect for Weighting by Shaping the Electrode Fingers of a Transducer and a SAW interdigital apparatus, signal processing using SAW waveguides, image processing methods for digital quantization “and others. Yuri has contributed to nearly 40 scientific publications with various articles on analysis, methods and SAW filter design applications, algorithms for video encoding and the like. Most notably for GWSO, some of these patents encompass wind power generation. Yuri holds a Master of Science in Theoretical Physics from l Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Federation. In 1993, he worked as a developer for TECHNION, the Israel Institute of Technology in Israel. In 2005, he was senior developer for T elematics-Wireless Ltd. Prior to joining the company, Yuri founded his company Soliton-SAW Ltd in 1999. He worked for over three decades as a lead developer, engineer and inventor for the company. His company, Soliton-SAW Ltd., has been providing consulting and implementation, algorithm and software development, modeling and systems design services for 14 years.

The main advantages of wind energy are: 1) it is renewable and sustainable, 2) it is environmentally friendly, 3) the use of wind energy reduces our consumption of fossil fuels, 4) energy wind turbine is free, 5) it is also beneficial for both industrial and household installation, and 6) low maintenance. The disadvantages are: 1) atmospheric reliability of the wind, 2) visual pollution and noise, 3) the amount of space required, 3) the safety of people if the turbines are blown from their bases during storms , and 4) the threat to wildlife. However, due to the small size of this technology, its ability to operate in incredibly low wind environments, and its miniature scalability, most of the common drawbacks associated with wind generation technology are significantly alleviated, leaving them almost in the dark. benefits. (source: google sites)

According to an article published in “Science Daily” on April 27, “The now familiar view of traditional propeller wind turbines may be replaced in the future by wind farms containing more compact and efficient vertical turbines. New research from the University of Oxford Brookes has found that the design of vertical turbines is much more efficient than traditional turbines in large-scale wind farms, and when placed in pairs, vertical turbines increase performance. from each other up to 15% … A research team from the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (ECM) at Oxford Brookes, led by Professor Iakovos Tzanakis, conducted an in-depth study using over 11,500 hours computer simulation to show that wind farms can operate more efficiently by replacing the traditional type of propeller Horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT), for compact vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT)… Research shows for the first time at a realistic scale, the potential of large-scale VAWTs to outperform current HAWT turbines.

The global wind energy market size, valued at over USD 125 billion in 2020, is expected to reach USD 167.15 billion by 2027, with a “CAGR” of 7.1% (Source: Emergen Research). Its annual installation is expected to exceed 120 GW by 2027 (Source: Global Market Insights). Increased investment in expanding renewable energy capacity, coupled with efforts to minimize the carbon footprint, will drive market demand for wind technology for the foreseeable future.

The US Energy Information Administration published an article on March 3 stating that “the United States installed more wind capacity in 2020 than in any other year.”

As explained in “TechXplore”, citing “Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory”, “Experts’ forecasts for future wind energy costs drop dramatically … Technological and commercial advancements are expected to continue to drive down the cost of energy wind turbine, according to a survey. led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) of the world’s leading experts in wind energy. Experts predict cost reductions of 17% to 35% by 2035 and 37% to 49% by 2050, thanks to larger, more efficient turbines, at lower capital and operating costs and other advancements. The results are described in an article in the journal Nature Energy…

President Biden signed an executive order in January aimed at maximizing offshore wind potential and identified wind power as a key part of the country’s renewed efforts to tackle climate change. The White House then announced on March 29 that “… it has called together leaders from across the administration to announce a series of bold actions that will catalyze offshore wind energy, strengthen the national supply chain and create union jobs. well paid ”. Then on April 29, President Biden announced a “… plan to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions in the generation sector (which) includes the installation of 30,000 megawatts of new offshore wind capacity by 2030” .

The demand for “efficient wind power” in US businesses has reached an all-time high. For example, according to Leticia Miranda’s NBC News article from April 19, “Amazon is now the largest renewable energy company buyer in Europe, having set up new wind and solar energy projects in Sweden, the retail giant announced on Monday. The company became the world’s largest buyer of renewable energy last year … The company now has 206 renewable energy projects around the world that can generate 8.5 GW of electricity to power its offices, distribution centers, its Whole Foods Market stores and Amazon Web Services, the company said in a statement … Many parts of our business are already running on renewable energy, and we plan to power all of Amazon with renewable energy. by 2025, ”said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, in a statement. wind and solar projects, we have announced 206 renewable wind and solar projects globally, and we are now the largest renewable energy buyer in Europe and globally, ”he said.

Michael Pollastro, President of “GWSO”, said: “Once the successful acquisition of this technology, we will continue to develop it very quickly. We are already in the process of obtaining the capital necessary for its maturation and commercialization. In addition, we have already received inquiries and are at the start of meetings and negotiations with several of the world’s largest companies, who have expressed interest in the technology and its possible deployment. This could be a game-changer in the world of renewable and clean energies ”.

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