GWM Showcases Technological Innovations at 2021 China International Digital Economy Fair


Posted: October 20, 2021 at 10:21 a.m. EDT|Update: 12 minutes ago

BAODING, China, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Enabled September 6, GWM participated in China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) 2021 with several smart models and products to show global users the achievements in scientific and intelligent technology field.

ORA HAOMAO and WEY Moka (for the Chinese market) at CIDEE 2021

At the exhibition, GWM designed two exhibition areas, namely the smart and digital exhibition area and the intelligent driving experience area.

In particular, GWM’s Alcolock technology showcased in the intelligence and digitization exhibition area attracted a lot of attention. This technology makes it possible to monitor a driver’s alcohol concentration through the use of the “Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device”. If the driver exceeds the legal limit for drinking and driving, this unique device will prevent the car from starting. This intelligent and user-friendly technology ensures the driving safety of users in a much more comprehensive way.

GWM also unveiled the DV02 Multifunctional Unmanned Vehicle, which was the world’s first low-speed multifunctional driverless car to adopt an L4 autonomous driving system. In environments such as smart communities and industrial parks, this product can be used to provide users with smart delivery services. In addition, GWM introduced the “Follower 150 Loaded Robot”, which was able to automatically follow, provide intelligent voice prompts and avoid obstacles. This type of robot can be used in homes, hotels, office buildings and other scenarios to help users manage heavy cargo transportation through its powerful self-driving, lifting and transport functions.

In addition to the outstanding products in the intelligence and digitization exhibition area, GWM also showcased its autopilot technology in the intelligent driving experience area.

ORA HAOMAO (for Chinese market) introduced the latest L4 autonomous driving system to users. In the simulated continuous curve driving scenario, when the user activated the autopilot function, the vehicle would automatically turn the steering wheel to adjust the direction and speed in real time according to the shape of the curve. Surprisingly, the driver can control the car without holding the steering wheel and pressing the accelerator or brake pedal during the whole demo process. These details may reflect GWM’s exceptional strength in the field of autonomous driving.

The automatic parking demonstrated by the WEY Mocha (for Chinese Market) model has also been a highlight in the field of intelligent driving experience. When the driver activates this function, the vehicle can automatically recognize the parking space line and complete the steering, shifting and braking operations. After being parked in the garage, the vehicle will automatically shut off, shift into parking gear and activate the electronic parking brake. These convenient functions help users to solve several difficult problems such as parallel parking and reverse parking.

During the entire exhibition period, GWM’s two exhibition spaces attracted thousands of visitors. They actively participated in on-site interaction events and enjoyed the hands-on experience brought by GWM’s smart products.

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