Illinois Leaks | Unregistered company solicited Champaign County for $ 50,000 –


Champaign Co., IL. (ECWd) –

An unregistered company applied to Champaign County for $ 50,000 – luckily they ignored the request for funding.

Another local government has been approached for a “donation” or “contribution” or “grant” from a company which, according to the Secretary of State’s Business Services Department, is not registered to do business in the state of Illinois. This unregistered company solicits local governments for donations or grants with the purported aim of developing training for elected officials and police officers.

The name of the company is “Fight For IL”, and is not registered with the Illinois Secretary of State for doing business in Illinois, it claims to be a 501 (c) (3) but no ‘was never registered with the Illinois Attorney General’s Charitable Office to solicit in Illinois (according to the SOS and AG websites).

This solicitation was sent by Matt Knutelsky (read e-mail here) on May 11, 2021, to the Champaign County Executive email account.

Fight For IL registered in Florida as a nonprofit organization in February 2021, but does not list FEIN in its business registration and cannot be found in the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS may be slow to update its databases …). Illinois law requires foreign (out of state) companies to register in Illinois before doing business in Illinois.

The Illinois Charitable Trust Act and Charitable Solicitation Act require registration before solicitation in Illinois.

The corporate officers are Bonnie kurowski, Erik Phelps and Eowyn Correl. Employees at the company (according to their website) include Matt Knutelsky, Tara Gunder, and Lynn Urlaub.

They rrecently asked Shelby County for $ 50,000 to help grow their business and indicated in the solicitation that they were also applying for grants from other local governments.

A copy of the Champaign County solicitation can be found (HERE).

As always, we challenge any public body to provide the citation to any authority to enable it to spend public funds for such a purpose.

More on this in the coming days, by then we urge local governments to do their due diligence before donating taxpayer money to anyone.

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