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By: Scott St. John

PipelineThis month’s tech industry news column is expected to be titled “Innovation Industry News.” This month’s headlines, summarized below, represent a wide range of stories and initiatives that are shaping our present and our future. PipelineThe News Center ‘s flourished with the turmoil of technical innovation in the industry, from a new survey study that reveals what is to come for retail shopping experiences; new developments in cybersecurity and IoT security; the first successful test of transferring a connected car between two US 5G networks.

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In the news of rankings and innovation, Ericsson launched Startup 5G, a program designed to help communications service providers capture the consumption potential of 5G. Three Ireland is the first CSP to join the global initiative. AT&T grabbed the headlines by announcing a definitive agreement to create a new stand-alone global entertainment company combining the assets of WarnerMedia and Discovery. He also announced that a new private AT&T network will revolutionize the way patients and researchers connect to advance cancer research at the University of Southern California, as part of a host of headlines announcing innovation in healthcare and telemedicine. In related news, Juniper Research released a new telemedicine report, concluding that it will save the healthcare industry $ 21 billion in costs by 2025, up from $ 11 billion in 2021.

These announcements signal key technology trends, as do the results of recent research and surveys. According to survey data from IDC Research and Lumen Technologies, delivering seamless experiences online as well as in the sales field is a must for retail business leaders. Recent survey data shows that 73% of retail business leaders are turning to advanced IT as a strategic investment as they prepare to meet companies where they are headed. This makes sense in light of another report from Juniper Research, which finds that trade spending will reach over $ 11.6 trillion by the end of 2021, up from $ 10.5 trillion last year, representing growth of 11.5% in a single year, as the switch to digital channels accelerates.

In other innovation news, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it had adopted new rules to strengthen the access of the U.S. commercial space industry to the spectrum necessary for successful rocket launches for private space travel. and satellite launches. Skyward, a Verizon company, announced its integration with Pix4D, giving customers the ability to turn drone data into 2D maps and 3D models. Businesses and drone pilots can now plan flights, receive clearance to fly in airspace controlled with LAANC, fly with Skyward’s InFlight ground control station, and process data using Pix4D, the everything from the platform. And Climate & Capital Media and Science4Data are teaming up to present Climate Media Signal, the first public AI platform to analyze ESG trends and climate media using advanced data tools to support better decision-making. .

The transformation news included an announcement from Atos and DreamQuark on the launch of the Sustainable Investment Brain, a digital platform for banks and insurers that complies with the principles of transparent artificial intelligence set out in a new proposal for a European regulation. Also this month, Atos announced that it has inaugurated its new global Research & Development laboratory in France, dedicated to research in quantum computing, high performance computing, edge, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. In Europe, Atos and the Institute for Information Sciences of Slovenia announced that the first EuroHPC supercomputer is now operational. In other innovative AI news, Subex showcased HyperSense, an augmented end-to-end analytics platform to help businesses make better decisions leveraging AI throughout the data value chain.

In other news, Juniper Research published a study that predicts an increase in digital content as we become more and more connected. The total market value of digital content will reach $ 432 billion by 2026, more than double the estimated $ 211 billion in 2021, with an acceleration of 105% over the next five years.

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