Nvidia expands support for DLSS 2, but DLSS 3 remains elusive

Nvidia shared some good news today – the library of DLSS-supporting games is about to expand. With updates to many new titles, there will be more opportunities to try DLSS for yourself.

Unfortunately, Nvidia’s advanced DLSS 3 technology is still quite elusive. Only six games are confirmed to support DLSS 3 as the launch of the RTX 4090 approaches.

Nvidia’s new flagship, the beastly RTX 4090, is now here, and you can even try to buy it. Alongside the card itself, Nvidia unveils its new DLSS 3 technology. It offers a marked upgrade over the previous version, with the ability to predict entire frames – it’s likely to bring huge improvements performance at all levels. Unfortunately, for starters, Nvidia won’t have too many games up its sleeve to entice gamers to try DLSS 3.

The first DLSS 3 game updates should arrive in a week, and one has already been released. great people already supports the technology; Justice ‘Fuyun Court’ and Loopmancer will start supporting it today, followed by Microsoft Flight Simulator October 17 and A Plague Tale: Requiem October 18. F1 22 should also be updated soon.

It’s a rather modest list of titles to start with. To be fair, the RTX 4090 is an enthusiast-grade card, so it won’t be hugely popular, especially not from the start – but it would have been nice to see a more robust lineup for the start. However, Nvidia plans to expand this list, with a total of 35 titles set to adopt the new, already confirmed DLSS 3.

While DLSS 3 is getting a limited amount of love this time around, the DLSS 2 game lineup has expanded more significantly. Thirteen new games now support DLSS 2, or soon will, and Nvidia has shared the full list.

  • Batora: Lost Haven – October 20
  • Blind Fate: Edo no Yami – Available Now
  • Broken Parts – Available Now
  • Dakar Desert Rally – Available Now
  • Destroy all humans! 2 – Out Now
  • Gotham Knights Out – October 21
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Available Now
  • PC Building Simulator 2 – October 12
  • QUBE 10th Anniversary – Available Now
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure – October 27
  • Scathe – Out Now
  • SCP: Secret Files – Available Now
  • Latest Oricru Launches – October 13

Nvidia will no doubt try to expand the range of titles that support DLSS 3 over time. At the moment, only the RTX 4090 can even use it, but when the two RTX 4080s arrive in November, we may see more gamers picking up an RTX 40-series GPU soon enough.

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