Omega Laboratories acquires Acumium to form Omega Technology Solutions

MOGADORE, Ohio, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Omega Laboratories (“Omega”), a leading provider of laboratory testing solutions, announced the acquisition of Acumium, a leading technology and software development company. This partnership further strengthens Omega’s ability to provide the highest level of risk mitigation while providing faster results for faster clinical, legal and employment decisions.

The acumium is a Madison, Wis. IT-based with over 21 years of experience specializing in software development, privacy and data protection, cloud computing and managed IT services. Acumium’s main objective is to develop and adapt technological solutions that solve problems.

Omega Technology Solutions’ suite of tools currently includes the oCCF (Online Custody and Control Form), data integration capabilities, secure reporting services, the Medical Review Officer module and the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). These products are already used by multinational organizations that must meet strict regional data and accreditation standards.

Omega has long been the leader in quality laboratory testing solutions with fast turnaround times. Omega has worked with Acumium for more than 15 years to build applications that facilitate data accuracy, security and privacy, from initial collection request to lab processing, results reporting and statistical analysis. . These applications have become a central part of Omega’s complete laboratory solutions. Omega acquired Acumium to merge the best laboratory team in the industry with the most advanced technology solutions team. Omega can now continue to refine these systems, which will improve every step of the testing process for our customers. Some of these solutions are already used by other companies under license or under software as a service (SaaS) agreements. The Acumium team will easily be able to support and promote long-standing Omega solutions with their long-standing software solutions portfolio.

“The oCCF system is an example of successful collaboration between Omega and Acumium over the past few years,” said Bill Corl, CEO of Omega. “This system is available in multiple languages, can be used on a tablet or desktop, and handles both lab and point-of-collection testing.”

For more information on these solutions, please contact Omega at 1-800-655-5569 or [email protected].

About Omega Laboratories, Inc. – Omega Laboratories, headquartered in Mogador, Ohio with additional state-of-the-art facilities in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada provides advanced laboratory testing solutions to more than 6,000 customers worldwide. Omega Laboratories has over 21 years of experience in innovative drug testing methodologies, specializing in the detection of drugs of abuse using hair, oral fluids and urine. Omega continues to innovate with the launch of its portfolio of technical solutions that incorporates a paperless custody and control form (oCCF) system in eight languages, as well as the licensing of a laboratory information management system (LIMS ) designed specifically for toxicology testing and powers new labs in countries that need local service providers.

About Acumium LLC – Acumium is an industry leader in creating technology solutions that solve business problems. With a focus on data security and privacy, Acumium enables customers to leverage digital assets to achieve business goals, whether integrating current systems or developing new software on measure. Acumium has the expertise and experience to effectively identify and create sophisticated and scalable solutions.

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