Opening of three new businesses in Granby

Seth Stern opened Troublesome Tomahawks and High Country Firearms in Granby this month.
Patrick Brower/For Sky-Hi News

Three new businesses opened in Granby this month, each with an intriguing story. Columbine Massage is owned and operated by Jo Pfaff, who is legally blind, and Troublesome Tomahawks and High Country Firearms are owned by Seth Stern, Pfaff’s partner. The three companies also share a building and are located in Pinecone Plaza at 200 W. Agate Ave., on US Highway 40 across from BigHorn Bagels.

Pfaff has a “special affinity” for massage

Pfaff knows massage therapy is a great occupation for her.

Especially in Granby.

“I love the small-town vibe of Granby,” she said, adding that she moved here from a rural area near Flagler in eastern Colorado.

“It feels good to be here in this community,” she says.

Although she attended massage school four years ago and has been practicing her craft for several years, she feels she has a special affinity for massage work due to a disability she suffers from. . She is legally blind.

Born with extreme cataracts and then severe glaucoma, her vision is now very impaired. She feels that her vision helps her in her chosen field.

Jo Pfaff opened Columbine Massage in Granby this month.
Patrick Brower/For Sky-Hi News

“I know I have increased sensitivity in my hands and fingers to compensate for my vision loss,” she says. “It allows me to make the most of my handicap.

She says her massage work is more therapeutic in nature due to her heightened senses.

She operates from her new space behind Troublesome Tomahawks at Pine Cone Plaza, Unit D2, near Java Lava. She is a partner of Seth Stern in Troublesome Tomahawks.

Troublesome Tomahawks, High Country Firearms focus on fun and training

A new entertainment option, paired with a new gun store and training center, has opened in Granby.

Troublesome Tomahawks and High Mountain Guns are officially open for business at Pine Cone Plaza. A grand opening celebration for the new venture is planned for the evening of October 28, just in time for the city’s Main Street Trick or Treat event.

Stern and Pfaff had a soft opening at the business two weeks ago and hope to serve beer and wine soon if their liquor request is approved.

Why a tomahawk and knife throwing business?

He and Pfaff felt there was a gap in the local market for things to do. It was so simple

“There’s really nothing to do here at night,” Stern said. “When it’s after skiing in the winter and after the sun goes down in the summer, it’s damn quiet. We thought this business might be a diversion.

Stern, who was born and raised in Granby, where he also attended high school, taught camouflage lessons in the Grand County area for six years from his base in the Northern Front Range. He had a 10-year career in the US Air Force before going to college in Fort Collins.

He felt the time was right for him to return to Granby, where he enjoys the small town atmosphere and the opportunity to be in business.

He noted that with the closure of the bowling alley in Grand Lake, options for lively indoor activities have diminished. And then there was the closure of the Budget Tackle gun story. With this closure, Stern decided there was an opening in the market.

“They’re popping up all over the state and the region,” Stern said. “And the more we looked at it, the more we found it was gaining popularity and growing as a business.”

How does that tomahawk or ax throwing work?

“I had a client describe it as men’s darts,” Stern said with a laugh. “Women are also very good at tomahawk throwing,” he added.

Ax throwers line up 12 feet from a special poplar-backed wall where a target has been painted. Points are accumulated based on the distance the throw landed. There’s even a bonus spot at the top of the target for extra points.

Exactly where you want your ax to be, at Troublesome Tomahawks in Granby
Patrick Brower/For Sky-Hi News

There are three throwing lanes and each lane can accommodate up to 12 people. Throwing axes are available on site and tomahawks or axes can also be purchased.

“It’s really fun,” Stern said. “People start throwing just for fun and then, before you know it, they’re getting competitive and accurate.”

Stern says that in a few months they will test the market on the site to see if there is an opportunity to start playing in the league. They also plan to make their facility available for special events, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings.

Fire arms

Stern said he felt there was also a need for a federally licensed gun store in the area, especially after Budget Tackle closed.

“We sell firearms at retail,” he said. “Our displays will soon go up. We are also licensed for suppressors and short barrels.

He will also be building armalite rifles soon.

Stern has been teaching concealed firearms classes in the county for six years and from this educational platform, he can now offer a dedicated dry-wielding classroom at his facility.

With a federal firearms license, Stern can also receive and ship firearms.

“We’re here to make sure you get the equipment and services people need for recreational hunting or shooting, as well as training,” he said.

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