Small local cybertechnology companies participate in the Navy drone hackathon competition

UTICA – High Peaks Cyber, a newly formed small business focused on providing cyber technologies and services that support national security, placed ninth in Hack the Machine Unmanned, a Navy-sponsored competition to find bugs in software who controls unmanned drones.

High Peaks Cyber ​​was one of 42 elite teams that competed in the national competition which was held from November 16-19.

The event was intended to help the Navy prepare to use drone swarm technologies on the battlefield by letting “white hackers” descend on these systems to find potential security issues with the technology before they not be exposed to the adversaries of the nation.

Through the event, officials said, industry and the Navy continue to develop next-level solutions for the challenges the United States faces in cybertechnology, artificial intelligence and digital engineering.

“Identifying these types of bugs helps the US Navy secure drone autopilot systems,” said Joseph Sharkey, CEO of High Peaks Cyber.

“During the four-day event, some of the best hackers in the world battled it out to find bugs and help secure these platforms,” said JP Blake, High Peaks Cyber ​​CTO. “We are honored to be in the top 10.”

Sponsors for the event included the Office of Naval Research, Navy RDA, PEO C4I, PEO IWS and PEO USC who are all motivated to achieve solutions facilitated by this event in coordination with the key event speaker, the new Navy unmanned task force. Inspired by the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, the High Peaks Cyber ​​sets its goals and standards at a high standard, the company said, and strives to solve the most difficult cyber challenges our country faces.

The company was founded by two industry veterans who have combined over $ 50 million of cyber research and development experience.

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