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TDCX, Inc. (“TDCX”) (NYSE: TDCX), a high-growth provider of digital customer experience (CX) solutions for technology and blue chip companies, today announced the launch of the TDCX Foundation .

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TDCX celebrates its first year of listing with the launch of the TDCX Foundation (Photo: Business Wire)

The creation of the TDCX Foundation reinforces TDCX’s commitment to bringing about positive transformation by empowering people, building up local communities and promoting environmental sustainability. The Foundation will help streamline TDCX’s existing corporate social responsibility programs and deepen its goal of generating social impact for disadvantaged communities, particularly by bridging the digital divide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the urgency of universal digital inclusion. A Gallup study found that globally, less than one in four people in highly economically vulnerable circumstances had access to the internet 1. In addition, UNICEF data indicated that at least one-third of children around the world did not have access to remote learning when the pandemic closed schools, resulting in missed education during the critical 2 years.

Mr. Laurent Junique, CEO and Founder of TDCX, said: “As an enabler of the digital economy, we believe in the power of technology to improve lives. Through technology, we can break down barriers, equalize access to education, financial and health services, and economic opportunity.

“We not only want to help our customers and employees enjoy the benefits of a digital world, but also help connect people from disadvantaged backgrounds to the opportunities that technology offers. Thanks to the TDCX Foundation, we will be able to go even further by giving back to the community.

To foster digital inclusion, the TDCX Foundation will fund initiatives that provide access to the technology, connectivity, IT equipment and skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.

To start, TDCX is committed to supporting three initiatives in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines that will improve digital learning facilities for students. According to a UNICEF study, 61% of people aged 10 to 24 in ASEAN do not learn digital skills in school, with lack of access to technological devices identified as one of the main hurdles 3.

One of the organizations that TDCX Foundation works with is the World Vision Foundation of Thailand. The Foundation will provide funds to digitize a school library in the rural highlands of Udon Thani province to improve the learning environment. The school library will be equipped with digital equipment such as computers and laptops and educational software. By doing so, students will be able to participate in online learning programs to improve their digital literacy.

TDCX supports various community initiatives under its corporate social responsibility pillars – “Be Greener” to help fight climate change, “Be Happier” to feed its people, and “Be Kinder” to uplift local communities. Since the beginning of the year, TDCX has implemented more than 150 projects, helping more than 54,000 beneficiaries.

About TDCX

TDCX, headquartered in Singapore, provides transformative digital CX solutions, enabling leading global and disruptive brands to acquire new customers, retain them and protect their online communities.

TDCX helps clients realize their customer experience aspirations by leveraging technology, human intelligence and its global footprint. It serves clients in fintech, gaming, technology, home sharing and travel, digital advertising and social media, streaming and e-commerce. TDCX’s expertise and strong presence in Asia have made it a trusted partner for clients, especially high-growth new economy companies, looking to tap into the region’s growth potential.

TDCX’s commitment to delivering positive results for our clients extends to its role as a responsible corporate citizen. Its corporate social responsibility program focuses on positively transforming the lives of its employees, communities and the environment.

TDCX employs over 17,000 employees across 26 campuses worldwide, including locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, India, Romania, in Spain and Colombia. For more information, please visit

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3 Source: Digital Literacy in ASEAN Education Systems, UNICEF.

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