The FCCC has carried out more than 2,000 company inspections since April 2020


Fiji’s Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is continuing inspections of businesses across the country, verifying strict compliance with COVID-19 safety measures, and monitoring of inventory and supplies.

Since April 20 of last year, when the FCCC began these inspections at the height of the first COVID-19 outbreak, it had so far conducted 2,305, covering the four main divisions of the country.

And on Monday, May 31 (2021), alone, he performed 156 inspections – 76 for inventory and supply monitoring, and 80 to verify compliance with COVID-19 security measures.

Of those 156 inspections, the FCCC said 66 were conducted in the Central Division, eight in the West Division and 82 in the North Division.

For the control of COVID-19 security measures, he said all 80 traders practice these precautions.

“Regarding national supply chains, the FCCC continues to provide assistance to standardize sugar supplies and is in regular communication with the Fiji Sugar Corporation and the respective traders,” he said.

“Since the implementation of COVID-19 security measures by the Fijian government and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, FCCC teams have been on the ground to conduct inventory inspections and compliance with security measures COVID-19. “

For any member of the public who may have a concern or complaint, are advised of the following contacts:

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North Division:

Call 891 1624 or email [email protected]

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