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HOD HASHARON, Israel and BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota, Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Weebit Nano Limited (ASX:WBT), a leading developer of next-generation memory technologies for the global semiconductor industry, and SkyWater Technology (NASDAQ: SKYT), the trusted technology fulfillment partner, announces that the first silicon wafers incorporating Weebit’s embedded Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) module have been delivered to Weebit from SkyWater’s US production facility .

This is the first time that Weebit ReRAM silicon wafers have been received from a production facility, a major step towards commercializing the technology at SkyWater.

Weebit ReRAM manufacturing is now proven with standard tools and a mature process flow, making it easy for customers to adopt this innovative non-volatile memory (NVM) for the development of their system-on-chip (SoC) designs. The silicon wafers will be cut into chips, packaged, then tested and qualified.

The chips, which were fabricated using SkyWater’s 130nm CMOS process, will be used for customer demonstrations, testing and prototypes prior to commercial orders and volume production, allowing customers to confidently begin designing SoCs. using these ReRAM modules.

SkyWater’s 130nm process has been reliably used in billions of devices designed for automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The automotive-grade, extended-temperature, mixed-signal CMOS platform is well suited for IoT and edge computing, as it enables a combination of digital and analog circuit performance with integrated NVM for a wide range of SoC architectures.

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “This is the first time we have received ReRAM wafers from a production plant – a significant step towards commercialization which was achieved on time thanks to our close partnership with SkyWater. This builds the confidence of potential customers in our intellectual property, furthering companies interested in engaging with us, and we are seeing discussions with potential customers intensify as we get closer to production. Demo chips produced by SkyWater incorporating Weebit’s ReRAM module allow these companies to see the real benefits our technology can deliver.

SkyWater Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Litecky, said, “As part of our technology-as-a-service model, SkyWater works with customers to co-create solutions with innovative architectures, materials and integration approaches. Weebit ReRAM is an exciting new NVM that customers across a wide range of markets can integrate into their SoCs to differentiate themselves. We are already seeing strong interest in the technology for applications such as IoT, power management, and mixed-signal ICs. Looking ahead, Weebit ReRAM is a rich building block for hybrid architectures that can be flexibly integrated in new and interesting ways – an exciting prospect for companies looking to turn innovative ideas into reality.

The demo chips include a complete subsystem for embedded applications, including the Weebit ReRAM module, a RISC-V microcontroller (MCU), system interfaces, memories, and peripherals. Weebit’s embedded ReRAM module includes a 256KB ReRAM array, control logic, decoders, IOs (Input/Output Communication Elements), and Error Correcting Code (ECC). It is designed with unique patent-pending analog and digital smart circuits running smart algorithms that significantly improve the technical parameters of the memory array. It also supports extended temperature range, 10-year data retention at high temperatures, fast access time, and extremely low standby power.

Full qualification of the highly integrated demo chips at SkyWater’s US production facility is expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.

Weebit ReRAM IP is available in SkyWater’s 130nm CMOS process. SkyWater customers should contact their representative to learn more about getting started with their design. For more information, visit: www.skywatertechnology.com/ip-partner-weebit-nano.

About SkyWater Technology

SkyWater (NASDAQ: SKYT) is an American semiconductor manufacturer and a trusted DMEA-accredited Category 1A foundry. SkyWater’s Technology as a ServiceSM model streamlines the path to production for customers with heterogeneous development services, volume production and integration solutions at its world-class US facilities. This pioneering model enables innovators to co-create the next wave of technologies with various categories including mixed-signal CMOS, ROICs, ultra-hard ICs, power management, MEMS, superconducting ICs , photonics, carbon nanotubes and interposers. SkyWater serves growing markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, biomedical, cloud and IT, consumer, industrial and IoT. For more information, visit: www.skywatertechnology.com.

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About Weebit Nano Limited

Weebit Nano Ltd. is a leading developer of next-generation semiconductor memory technologies. The company’s breakthrough Resistive RAM (ReRAM) addresses the growing need for significantly higher performance, lower power consumption memory solutions in a range of new electronic products such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smartphones, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 5G communications and artificial intelligence. Weebit’s ReRAM enables solid-state memory elements to be significantly faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more power-efficient than those using existing Flash memory solutions. As it is based on materials suitable for manufacturing, the technology can be quickly and easily integrated into existing flows and processes, without requiring special equipment or large investments. See www.weebit-nano.com and follow us on https://twitter.com/WeebitNano.

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