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After an extended intermission in daily routines, I’m sure you will agree that 2021 could go down in history as the biggest boom in the fashion industry. But what else is new? Well, Facebook released Metaverse, a mind-blowing social revolution. Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this: “The Metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. Our company’s vision is to help bring the Metaverse to life, so we’re changing our name to reflect our commitment to that future.” The 3D spaces in the Metaverse will allow you to socialize, learn, collaborate and play in a way that goes beyond what we can imagine.”. It’s revolutionary!

Still, as 2021 draws to a close, it surely hasn’t been short of surprises. I can only imagine what 2022 has in store for the luxury fashion and beauty industry. Let’s face it, AI is developing at a rapid pace. Specifically, it looks like the experience will take it to the next level soon. I recently had dinner with one of the top augmented reality professionals in the fashion industry. I was extremely amazed and intrigued by the rapid change in the overall creative direction of fashion and beauty brands.

Last night, Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD hosted an exclusive cocktail in Dolce & Gabbana flagship 5e Boutique Avenue to celebrate the historic beginnings of the NFT collection,Collezione Genesi. The collection, auctioned exclusively in partnership with the luxury NFT platform organized by UNXD, featured nine bespoke NFTs and generated ETH 1,885.719, (approximately $ 8 million at the current exchange rate). The Collezione Genesi, widely credited with ushering in a new era of luxury and fashion NFT, was on display in its entirety at the event on loan from owners. The exhibition will run for two weeks.

As a brand, the art of Dolce & Gabbana is centered on the love of creativity. Dress from a Dream, or L’abito dei Sogni, started as a dream and will now come to life. Dolce & Gabbana is inspired by the opportunity to celebrate the iconic history and culture of Venice, a fitting backdrop to this brand release. With Collezione Genesi, Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD see an opportunity to cross – and even transcend – the digital and physical world with a collection of unique NFTs.

The future of fashion predictions and more:

In my humble opinion, 2021 has only given humanity a glimpse of the vast possibilities for technological evolution in the world of fashion. As I meet the experts and review new ways of doing business, it seems to me that the fashion experience is more revolutionary than scalable as technology follows it, from AR / VR locker rooms to intelligent fabrics that change temperature… its future knows no bounds.

Mugzy McFly – Founder of Signed by McFly “I honestly think 2022 is the year of confidence. After the comfortable 2020 built on the backs of the pandemic, and the uncertain direction of 2021, 2022 will be for the survivors. 2022 might be the closest to ‘normal’ thing we’ve seen in a while and fashion will reflect that. Wilder silhouettes and color combinations will reign supreme. The “survivors” will opt for bolder shades and riskier adjustments. Earthy tones will continue and bulky shoes will be everywhere ”.

Throughout history, fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation – from the rise of e-commerce to the introduction of virtual fitting, tech fashion is poised to face the future of the world. company with a force to be reckoned with. Leveraging digital solutions, fashion brands can boast of new technological advancements, giving their products an edge over their competition while keeping their customers happy.

In the same way, Pie Boachie, CEO Digimatic, a public relations agency said “The fashion brands that will dominate the market in 2021 must take advantage of digital solutions and high technology.” For an industry estimated at more than 3T dollars (by the end of the decade), according to CB Insights. In a nutshell, the fashion industry ranks among the largest industries in the world. The Mode company seeks technological growth so much that it listens to new methods with great enthusiasm.

And new technologies have been fashion figures such as Nathalie Elenkina; a tiny model with a wacky community of fans, Today the company even hosts robots that cut and sew fabric, AI algorithms that predict style trends and tasteful combinations, VR shopping and mirrors in locker rooms; and an abundant number of advanced technical innovations that show how technology automates, personalizes and accelerates the fashion space.“The key to a sustainable fashion brand is to keep giving … to keep meeting needs, in the best possible way”, explains Craig Kielburger of US Charity.

AI fashion designer:

When you combine the creativity of man with the precision of artificial intelligence, magic apparently happens. Recognized luxury fashion brands as well as smaller, lesser-known brands are turning to new technologies. In fact, these companies today are using high technology to satisfy customer loyalty. As data collection strategies become more sophisticated, with an emphasis on predicting what consumers would like to wear next, artificial intelligence will completely reshape the way products design and develop to fashion brands. Even outside the fashion walls, manufacturers are already using artificial intelligence to generate ready-made product models. Fashion continues to evolve and embrace revolutionary innovations. Much like the creation of Blockchain technology, and even more recently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFT is a disruptive technology that surfaced only a few years ago, but has already been adopted by leading brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

For example, Gucci recently partnered with a Christie’s auction house on an epic NFT video titled “Aria”. In June of this year, the video sold for $ 25,000. Also this year, Beeple, a famous digital artist, also sold his piece for $ 69 million at Christie’s. The overnight success of NFTs led Christie’s to accept auction offers with Ethereum. Other brands have also put their finger on this digital wave in various strategies, excited to take advantage of the boom that drives NFT collections to successfully generate new revenue streams while increasing brand awareness.

Fashion is taking hold of other Blockchain technologies such as NFT. In fact, every week I get several NFT mode pitches to include in Forbes. As this is a learning process, I take the time to chat with my colleagues at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In fact, most courses now stress the importance of NFTs in their relationship with the fashion industry in general.

The fashion industry is changing rapidly, here’s what DEIP CEO / Co-Founder Alex Shkor said of their Creator Support Tool, “Web3 technology has come a long way over the past decade, and recent innovations such as NFTs hold great promise for the designer economy. The main barrier to adoption right now is the complexity of Web3 tools. That’s why DEIP creates tools that will make interacting with Web3 second nature to creators.

It’s no longer fresh news out of the press that fashion focuses on discovering NFT. Rather, these NFTs open up the business to new (disruptive) digital channels and games positioned to capture both Gen Z and Gen Y consumers. In a press release, Rod Manley, Burberry marketing director, said to this effect, “With this exciting concept, we are able to unlock real value for the gaming community by encouraging gamers to interact with our brand in an environment that celebrates art, design and exploration.”

Results? Straight out of the official Blankos Twitter account, the Burberry NFT drop sold faster than any other Blankos collaboration that came before it; including the NFT drop with musical artist Deadmau5. This news sounded the alarm on the importance of NFT. Neda Whitney, SVP and Head of Marketing at Christie’s, said: “NFTs prove that in spaces where fashion and digital skins are already user behavior, bringing fashion brands into the conversation is a natural next step. The ability to empower users to not only buy digital items in the fashion space, but also having unique ownership certificates and often ‘1 in 1’ adds a level of exclusivity that has always worked well in fashion culture. ”

And many crypto exchange companies make financial transactions with Crypto more reliable than banks. A brand that rides this wave is Cryptex; a trading platform without KYC with which you can easily and quickly buy, sell or trade cryptos in FIAT currencies and vice versa.

Cryptex offers

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals in more than 10 countries
  • Rock-solid account security with 6-factor authentication (email, SMS, telegram, Jabber, Google Authenticator) and much more …

Another brand disrupting the creative space is Rubis Laboratories; a leading technology company that operates consumer subscription products in the self-help and wellness market. The company started in 2018 in London, as a collaboration between Romain Taranov and his friend with extensive expertise in business, technology and marketing, with the vision to create a technology company that builds a world-class self-help and wellness platform, to enable people to make personal care a way of life. A platform easily accessible to all and appreciated for years to come. Since its launch, two successful products have been introduced to the global market: Able and Hint, and are set to launch a third in 2022. As technology advances to new frontiers, the fashion industry is poised. To listen.

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